Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca
Carthage’s Guardian

Rarity: Legendary

Talents: Leadership, Conquering, Attack

Civilization: Other

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Commander Details

How to get Hannibal Barca in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • VIP Exclusive Chests
Open FieldB
Rallying ObjectivesC
Rallying CitiesC
Defending ObjectivesD
Defending CitiesD
Barbs & FortsD
*Overall Tier ranking is relative to all other Legendary Commanders, whereas individual categories are based solely on the commander in question.
– Works with mixed troop army
– Possible pre-KvK rally lead
– Strong debuff
– Decent in canyon
– Must be obtained with real money purchase
– Requires high VIP level to expertise
– Low damage output
– Doesn’t excel at any one thing

Talent Tree Builds

Best Hannibal Barca Talent Trees in Rise of Kingdoms

Hannibal Barca
Open Field Fighting and Canyon with Mixed Troop Army
Hannibal Barca
Rally with Mixed Troop Army


Hannibal Barca
War Elephants
Active Skill
Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to the target and reduces their damage and their defense for the next 5 seconds.
Upgrade Preview:
Direct Damage Factor: 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 400
Damage/Defense Reduction: 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%
Hannibal Barca
Envelopment Tactics
Passive Skill
When troops led by this commander consist of 2 different unit types, all damage is increased. When troops consist of 3 or more different types, all damage increased.
Upgrade Preview:
Bonus Damage (2 Unit Types): 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
Bonus Damage (3 Unit Types): 5% / 6% / 7% / 8% / 10%
Hannibal Barca
Passive Skill
When attacking cities, each normal attack has a 10% chance to heal a portion of his slightly wounded units.
Upgrade Preview:
Healing Factor: 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000
Hannibal Barca
Passive Skill
Troops led by this commander gain increased troop capacity. Additionally, when Hannibal is in battle outside of alliance territory, using a skill increases all damage dealt for 3 seconds.
Upgrade Preview:
Troop Capacity Bonus: 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Damage Bonus: 5% / 7% / 9% / 12% / 15%
Hannibal Barca
War Elephant Trample
War Elephants
Deals direct damage to the current target (Damage Factor 400), then deals additional damage to up to 3 targets in a fan-shaped area on the next turn (Damage Factor 300), and decreases their damage by 25% and defense by 25% for 3 seconds.


Hannibal Barca was a Carthaginian general, considered one of the greatest military commanders in history. His father Hamilcar Barca was the leading Carthaginian commander during the First Punic War. His younger brothers were Mago and Hasdrubal, and he was brother-in-law to Hasdrubal the Fair. Hannibal lived during a period of great tension in the western Mediterranean Basin when the Roman Republic established its supremacy over great powers such as ancient Carthage, the Etruscans, Samnites and the Greek king of Syracuse. One of his most famous achievements was the outbreak of the Second Punic War when he marched an army which included war elephants from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into Italy. In his first few years in Italy, he won three dramatic victories – the Trebia, Lake Trasimene, and Cannae, in which he distinguished himself for his ability to determine his and his opponents’ respective strengths and weaknesses, and to plan the battle accordingly – and won over many allies of Rome. Hannibal occupied much of Italy for 15 years but was unable to march on Rome. An enemy counter-invasion of North Africa forced him to return to Carthage, where he was decisively defeated by¬†Scipio Africanus¬†at the Battle of Zama.